Video Evidence When You Need It!

Welcome to Total Guard Systems, your premier source for commercial grade vehicle video recorders. We are very confident in our vehicle video recorders that we can say they'll be your Perfect Eyewitness in an incident and reduce your financial risk.

How do we know? Some of us have been there. Police do not always come to the scene of an accident. That is why we believe that our vehicle video recorders will enhance your needs for an eyewitness but above else, they can help you avoid false accusations and scams and offer you piece of mind.

We only sell the best! Don't be fooled by cheap video recorders made of low quality components and no warranties. All our video recorders are made with the highest quality components and we offer a one-year full replacement warranty.

Vehicle Video Recorders Superior Features

  • Wide-angle lens to capture distracted drivers, close calls, & accidents
  • Embedded GPS module that can be viewed using Google maps
  • Smart G-sensor technology that senses an impact and automatically saves the data
  • Advanced H.264 compression technology for superior video and longer recording
  • High-end CMOS lens for better night-time video recording
  • Built-in microphone that records voice and surrounding sounds
  • Easy-to-use software player to view recorded files
  • Uninterrupted seamless loop recording
  • High Definition recording to capture incidents in great detail (CDR-E22)
  • 3G capabilities to view live video feed from any web browser (CDR-E10-3GA)
  • Front and back cameras for simultaneous recording (CDR-E07)
  • It helps you be safer driver!

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